How to Burn Fat Fast When You Exercise?


Besides that exercise is important for our overall health and well-being, it helps us also to keep the weight and look good. Most of us want to burn fat when we are training. If you’ve been training for a while but do not see the results that you had hoped for, there are some things you can do to increase the amount of fat you burn when you exercise:

•    Exercise regularly. It may seem obvious that regular exercise will help you burn more amount of fat. But it’s not just about the number of calories you burn, but also about how the body adapts when you exercise regularly. Many of the ways that the body adapts increases your ability to burn fat. The body is better able to absorb and transport oxygen, causing the cells to burn fat more efficiently. Exercise also improves circulation allowing fatty acids can move more efficiently through the blood, so the body can more easily use fat as fuel.

•    Split up your cardio on two times performed at different times of day. Metabolism increases in a number of hours after a workout. If you divide the training on two occasions instead of one, you can take greater advantage of this.

•    Start strength training. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories your body will burn both during exercise and rest. It is not enough to get rid of fat, you should also build muscle. If you already do weight training, increase the weight and number of repetitions as you become stronger. If your routine does not feel as challenging anymore, makes the workout more challenging.
•    Vary your exercise routine. Exercises becomes easier the more often you do them. Eventually, you reach a point where a particular exercise will no longer cause you to lose weight as fast as before. Try different types of cardio instead of same each time and to train the muscles in various ways instead of driving the same strength training routine each time.

•    Train intervals Interval training involves varying the speed and run faster in short periods. Jogging, for example, at normal speed for five minutes and then run fast for a minute. Repeat this for approximately 30 minutes. Short, intense intervals help your body to burn more fat.