The Link Between Muscles and Bones

Muscles and Bones

We all know that muscles and bones in our body are closely physically connected and that one of the primary functions of the muscles is to protect the bones, both as a physical barrier and a functional help in general, especially when it comes to proper stance. However, does it mean that when you strengthen your muscles you in fact directly strengthen your bones? Let us discuss this link between muscles and bones more directly.

muscles and bones

Strong muscles mean strong bones

Yes, there is a direct link between exercising and strong bones. Osteoblasts – bone building cells are stimulated by muscle workouts, especially those that include weight lifting and intensive muscle flexing. However, that does not mean that there is no aid for those who are not really into any kind of body building. High impact exercises, such as basketball, football or tennis are also very beneficial since they involve a lot of muscle flexing. The key benefit from this is the fact that tendons, which connect muscles to the bones, stimulate bones growth by tugging on them with every muscle flex. Finally, if you prefer regular jogging or intensive walking by all means go for them since sunlight stimulates vitamin D production and adds to the overall positive impact.


A healthy diet cannot be emphasized more when it comes to exercising results, muscles and bones link and health in general. And, a healthy diet is all about moderate intake of all necessary ingredients for proper muscle and bones growth and regeneration. Although calcium is a well-known bones beneficiary drinking gallons of milk will only be counterproductive. Proteins, carbs and vitamin D are especially important as well, so is regular magnesium intake. Remember, versatile and moderate food intake is the best diet.

muscles and bones diet

Muscles, bones and stance

There is a direct link between muscles and bones strength and stance as well. A healthy upright body position is only possible if your skeletal and muscle structures are healthy and fit. Keeping them in such a shape has become increasingly problematic nowadays, due to a large number of hours the majority of people spends sitting, at home and at work. Intensive muscle building exercises are the key to the fastest results, so commercial strength equipment can come in very useful. 15 minute exercises using dumbbells or power bands will make a world of difference when it comes to body posture.

Limitations and when to start

Bones reach the peak of their density in our late 20s and this is the best time to start. However, being older does not mean you are too late. Whenever you start, being moderate is once again the key approach. Stressing your muscles too much can lead to injuries, which is something that should naturally be avoided. Therefore, know your limitations and gradually increase the intensity of your workouts, particularly if you are lifting weights. Also, make sure you do all the exercises properly.

The link between muscles and bones is as direct as it can get and a life-long one. Just like any other relationship, the more it is being attended to, the better it will be. Dedicate adequate attention to it and your will surely feel and look healthier.