Ten Food Hacks to make your life instantly better

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Food, by itself is already a marvelous creation sent by the Gods themselves to us mortals in order to nourish our bodies and supplement our daily quota of energy. But through the passage of time, us mortals have been rather innovative and creative in making our food not only great for filling our stomachs, but savory for our tongues as well. With the emergence of innumerable and various cook shows, people have come up with different ways to make turn their dishes into a gastronomic plate and through this, they have made the preparation as well as the consumption of their meals an experience to remember. And though not everyone is gifted with culinary prowess, it is this author’s opinion that everyone has the capability of being inventive in the kitchen as this article aims to show you the top food hacks that will surely bring out the food and kitchen connoisseur in you.

1. A handy trick for measuring sticky and gooey ingredients

Measuring ingredients has been one of the tasks one needs to do should one either be baking or cooking. However, it is inevitable that some ingredients would get you in a rather sticky (pun intended) situation. An example for this would be honey, maple syrup and molasses to name a few.

Pro Tip: Spraying your tools (measuring cups and spoons) with nonstick spray first will keep your utensils from getting sticky.

2. Use chopsticks instead of forks when eating your salad

Eating salads can get messy and at times, we want to savor every last bit of our healthy good meal. However, this may prove difficult at times with a fork.

Use Chopsticks when eating salad

Pro Tip: Forgo your fork and use your chopsticks instead. Chopsticks are handy in picking out the smaller pieces of your salad which the fork simply cannot.

3. Pre-Freeze juices, coffee and other beverages into ice cubes

Ice cube coffee

Don’t you just hate it when your juices get rather bland and tasteless? This usually occurs when your ice cubes melt inside your drink causing an imbalance in the ration between water and the drink itself.

Pro Tip: Fill and freeze these various beverages into ice trays so that the next time you serve drinks, you can use your pre-frozen ice cubes instead of ordinary water ice cubes.

BONUS PRO TIP: Pre freezing grapes works well with wines as well.

4. Easier chicken shredding

Do you want to make a chicken sandwich but are pressed for time? Looking for a convenient and easier way to achieve such task?

Chicken Shreding

Pro Tip: Instead of using your hands, use a fork to shred your chicken instead. It’s a lot easier and shreds the chicken into much smaller pieces.

5. Portioning cookies and cupcakes

Dishing out perfectly proportioned cookie and cupcakes might be next to impossible but if you are on a budget yet want to have each piece in equal pieces try this next pro-tip.

Proportioning cookies and cupcakes

Pro-Tip: Use a spring loaded ice cream scooper, this ensures that every cupcake and cookie baked is equally the same in size and composition.

6. Making your Bananas last longer

Bananas are rich in potassium and are a healthy staple to everyone’s diet. However, buying a bunch of this would last a week at the most. Want to make your bananas last longer? Here’s a pro tip how.


Pro-Tip: Wrap the top end of your bananas with a plastic wrap to have them last longer.

7. No tears when chopping onions

Chopping onions has become a rather difficult ordeal especially when you tear up every time you do so. Try the next pro tip to avoid this from happening again.

Pro Tip: To avoid tear inducing fumes, place your chopping board directly under the hood fan. In this way, the fumes will not get anywhere near your eyes. Don’t have an oven hood? Just chew gum while you are chopping, it will prevent you from tearing up.

chopping onions
Or try this!

8. Egg food hacks

Eggs are best served fresh however, that is rather hard to determine at first glance. To identify which eggs are fresh, follow the pro tip below.

Pro Tip: Fresh eggs do not float in water while spoiled eggs do. BONUS PRO TIP: To know whether an egg has been hard boiled, spin them (hard boiled eggs spin easily while raw eggs do not)

egg hacks

9. Crispy Flat Bacon

Bacon can be served either soggy and flat or wrinkly and crunchy. For those of you who prefer it straight and flat without much preparation effort on your part, the next pro tip is for you.

Crispy Bacon

Pro Tip: Cook bacon for two and a half minutes on each side in a waffle iron (it does not shrink or dry out)

10. Efficient Cake Cutting

More often than not when slicing cakes, some of the cake ends up in the knife rather than the plate. To avoid this messy ordeal (and to enjoy every bit of your cake) the next pro tip is handy.

Pro Tip: Instead of using a cake knife, butter knife or any knife at all, use an unscented dental floss instead. It gives you the same results but with lesser mess (and lesser to wash as well).

Slicing cake