8 Skin Brightening Regimens To Hide Your Alcohol Hangover


Who doesn’t want an exciting weekend with family and friends after hectic work throughout the week? A fun-filled weekend party with alcohol gives us energy and enthusiasm to work again on Monday, but it also sometimes brings with itself a bad hangover the next morning. And a hangover means having a headache, dizziness, and it leaves your face looking tired and dehydrated with puffy eyes.

Want to get drunk and party hard and still look fresh the next morning?

Here are the few skin care tips to hide your hangover.

1) Remove your makeup before going to bed

You get drained after the party and roll home at 3 am. Removing your makeup would be the last thing you want to do. But it is crucial. You shouldn’t sleep with your make up on. Cleansing milk is the best cleanser to wipe your makeup off with.

Why does it matter? – Powder holds free radicals from the environment and these free radicals attack the surface skin collagen, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. Overnight exposure to these free radicals is harmful and can also lead to premature aging.

2) Sleep with an extra pillow at night

Alcohol reduces the secretion of ADH (Anti-diuretic Hormone), which results in more urination and dehydration. During the hangover period, the body tries to restore ADH levels, causing water retention in the body, especially underneath the eyes, resulting in puffiness.

Using an extra pillow while sleeping will help prevent puffy eyes.

How does it help? – Sleeping with your head at an elevated level will drain the fluid from your face to lower parts of your body. Get plenty of rest to prevent dark circles.

3) Drink lots of water

Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and combat the dehydration and scaliness caused by alcohol. Drinking a good amount of water detoxifies the body, cleanses the skin and prevents premature aging, too.

4) Natural ways to rejuvenate your skin

Cold application – Cold temperatures reduce wrinkles and boost radiance, and they are also one of the hottest beauty trends. It helps in natural skin cleansing and skin brightening by improving circulation.

Dunk your face in a bowl of cold water three times at an interval of 20 seconds. This will wake you up and refresh your skin.

Refrigerate two spoons and keep them under your eye until they warm up.

Soak cotton pads in cold milk, squeeze and place them on your eyes until they warm up.

Wrap ice cubes in a muslin cloth and rub it all over you face.

Chamomile tea bags – Chamomile is a herb and has antioxidant and antibacterial properties. It soothes skin and acts as a natural bleach, skin cleanser and skin brightener. It also helps in reducing acne, swelling and dark circles under eyes. You can:

Scrub your face using a combination of chamomile tea + milk, or chamomile tea + sugar + olive oil, or brewed chamomile tea + blue cornflower.

Dip a bag of chamomile in water and keep these bags on each eye for 5 minutes and then rinse your face with fresh water. It will also help cure the dehydration caused by alcohol with its moisturizing effect.

Cucumber and potato –

Keep slices of cucumber on your eyes for 10-15 minutes. Apply grated potato under your eye for 10 minutes and then wash with water.

5) Apply a good face serum

Gels have higher water content and may not help with puffy eyes. Avoid rich eye creams which could cause congestion and might irritate. Instead, invest in a good hyaluronic acid serum, which penetrates below the skin’s surface and fills the fine lines, acting as a skin brightener.

6) Yoga

Yoga helps in skin brightening and eliminating tiredness. Some of the asanas for glowing skin are – Padmasana, Dhanurasana, Sarvangasana, and Shavasana. Breathing exercises calm your mind and refresh the body.

7) Exfoliate

Take a shower using facial and body cleansers. Use a gentle aromatic body wash and facial scrubs to relax your senses.

8) Use skin care products available in the market

Go for skin brightening products that give a hydrating, luminous and dewy look to cover up the dryness and dullness of hangover.

Use a good moisturizer to hide dehydration.

Use an illuminating primer to brighten your skin.

A good concealer will help even the skin and cover any flaws and dark circles.

Use a moisturizing foundation that matches your skin tone.

To look more awake and to add life to your face, use blush. A pink color would make you look fresh and energetic.

Opt for red, soft pink or glossy neutral lipstick shades to cover up sleep deprived face.


In a nutshell, you should start caring for your skin as soon as you come back home after a party if you do not want people to know about your last night. From the steps that should be taken before sleeping to steps after you wake up, each process is critical. Particular care should be given to the under eye areas, as they are the ones affected first by tiredness.

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