Are We Really Concerned About Keeping Good Health?


In recent days, people hardly give any importance about keeping good health. People do not realise the importance of being healthy. Gone are the days where our grandfathers and forefathers lived the healthy and happy life. Improvement in technology, lifestyle and the living impacts our health without our knowledge. If a question is raised, “Are you healthy?” Can everyone say, “Yes, We are healthy.”? Most of you will say ‘yes’ but practically speaking, you fail to realise what good health is.


What is good health?

Good health is not just to be free of diseases and allergies. It is way beyond that. You may be working in an office, own a business or simply be at home, how do you know that you are healthy? Being healthy is not just the physical activity that your body does. You many confuse health with your daily routine. It doesn’t always mean that you are healthy when you can do your daily work. You need to remember that, your body does the regular work even when your mind is upset. So health is not just about the physical wellness but it also refers to the mental wellness. Keeping your body and your mind healthy is the real meaning of keeping a good health.


What affects you from keeping good health?

If you are healthy, it is an asset to yourself and also to your family. A healthy person is more successful than others.


Diseases, infections, serious illness

The most important things that decide your health are diseases, infections or illness. If you are affected by diseases or undergo a treatment for a serious illness, it means you are not healthy. Here we talk about the physical health. There are cases, where people, who are affected with diseases, can be mentally healthy! Recently, there are a lot of new diseases and complexities that comes one after the other even at young age. With proper care and restrictions, you can be healthy.

  • Eat right food
  • Drink healthy juices
  • Involve in physical activities like running, walking or jogging.
  • Breath fresh air
  • Have a control on your weight


Society plays a role in your health

Do you know that the place where you live and the experience that you have also had an impact on your physical and mental health? For instance, if you live in a place where you have a dump yard, you inhale the unhealthy stench, and it impacts on your health. Your mental health is being affected if you don’t have a job, and a neighbour of your age is employed in a good company. It puts you through an emotional stress. The appearance of a person can also have an impact on your health.


How to live a happy and healthy life?

Health cannot be improved just by swallowing a couple of prescribed tablets. Understand that you are unique and feel happy about yourself. Think positive and eat good food, and you will definitely find an improvement in your physical and mental health.