Does drinking water help you to reduce belly fat?

drinking water

Obesity is a severe health condition that can result in many other health concerns. Unnecessary body fat is difficult to reduce, and belly fat is even tougher to reduce. Belly fat not only looks bad and makes one look fat and lazy it is also strongly linked to heart disorders, insulin sensitivity, and diabetes.

As per a study by Tobias Pischon, MD, MPH, the person could be overweight or not, the mortality rate increases as the waist circumference increases. The study points out close links between early death and belly fat. According to Tobias, even for people with average weight fat accumulation around the belly is harmful as they are at risk for many health disorders.

Many people are aware of physical exercises, top weight loss supplements or diet routines that may help reduce body fat but can drinking water help in reduction of belly fat? Many people have believed for many years that drinking water helps in fat reduction. As per a study by Rebecca Muckelbauer et al., increased water consumption along with a proper weight loss plan or weight maintenance program results in weight reduction (in a span of 3-12 months).

Increased use of water though does not directly account for the reduction of weight it has shown good results when combined with weight loss program or weight maintenance plan.

How does drinking water help in reducing belly fat?

Increased consumption of water lowers body fat

When one consumes less water, the liver takes on extra work indigestion resulting in decreased efficiency of burning fat. But when the water consumption is increased the kidney efficiently excretes waste from the body thereby letting the liver do its job- burning the fat for energy. One can say that proper amount of water consumed can help in burning the fat while poor water consumption can lead to stored body fat.

Water can curb the appetite

One of the main reasons of belly fat is the habit of binging on junk food. Mood swings and cravings can make people binge on junk food. For few others, it is tough to control their portions. Consuming increased amount of water can help reduce the appetite for those struggling to control their portions. Water consumption can also help considerably in reducing cravings for junk food.

Consuming water right before meals is also one of the ways to curb appetite. According to research conducted by the researchers from the University of Birmingham, consuming 500ml of H2O, thirty minutes before the main meal is found to help people reduce their body fat. The study claims that drinking water before meals is a simple but effective intervention that can be hugely beneficial to those suffering from obesity.

Water is a good substitute for calorie drinks

Sure drinks like sodas, sports drinks, fruit juice or beverages hat are consumed to quench thirst are loaded with calories, and they do nothing for weight loss. Instead of drinking such calorie-rich beverages, one can stick to drinking plain water that has zero calories.

Cold water to burn extra calories

When we consume cold water, our body burns extra calories to increase the temperature of the water so that it can match our body temperature and get absorbed by our body. If one drinks approximately seven glasses of water every day, he/she can burn up to 100 calories.

Water consumption increases metabolic rate

German researchers opine that water intake increases the rate of calories consumed in our body. The researchers say that a person who increases his/her water intake of 1.5 liters daily can burn up to 17,400 calories in a year. The calories consumed almost equals to a whopping 5-pound weight reduction!

How much water is useful to reduce belly fat?

Experts suggest that drinking eight glasses of water (2 liters) per day is sufficient for weight reduction along with other weight loss program or weight maintenance plans. However, some people may need more water than others. They may sweat more than others and may feel thirsty more often than others. Drinking water when one is thirsty is a good way to include water consumption in losing weight.

Excess water consumption can result in dilution of stomach acid causing indigestion. For few the sodium levels can drop dangerously causing mood swings, confusions, seizures and even coma.


Increasing the consumption of water within safe limits can certainly help in reducing belly fat. However, weight loss cannot be achieved by drinking water alone. Many studies suggest that weight loss from water is possible only when paired with other weight loss programs or weight maintenance plans. Consuming plain water is one of the most efficient and easy ways to speed up weight loss.

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