Asian countries have always been familiar with the health benefits of Green Tea. Hence, they were using this wonderful beverage since antiquity. People from the countries like, China, Japan, Taiwan, etc. have recognized inevitable health benefits possessed by leaves of green tea. Western world has embraced the health benefits of green tea quite lately. But gradually, people around the world are recognizing the incredible Green tea health benefits.

Green Tea
Here are some of the most amazing green tea health benefits for you:

Improves body shape:

Undoubtedly, green tea is known worldwide for its weight loss properties. It is aptly used as a fat burning supplement. It is observed that this drink can enhance metabolism rate and increase expenditure of energy by 4%. A study on green tea revealed that it increases fat oxidation in human body approximately by 17%. Anti-oxidants found in this tea are helpful in throwing out toxics and waste effectively. When combined, these facts improve the health of body, increase performance, and bring you back in shape.

Reduce Risk of Cancer:

Green tea health benefits also include protection from cancerous cells. It can provide prevention from various kinds of cancer. Risk of developing breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and prostate cancer are significantly lower in people who consume this beverage regularly. Its anti-oxidant compounds eliminate toxins from body and prevent the growth of cancerous cells.

Streamline Brain Function:

Green tea has such properties that can help brain to streamline its functioning, especially in the older age. Catechin compound present in this tea works effectively for brain. It is helpful in preventing cognitive dysfunction and increasing memory power, which is a common problem in the growing age. L-theanine compounds in green tea can also increase concentration power and work as an anti-depressive remedy.

Kills Bacteria and Infections:

Its benefits include anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that cure infections and viruses of diseases like influenza. It has potential to reduce bacterial growth around teeth and gums. Streptococcus mutans are major culprit for plaque formation and bacteria buildup. Catechins comprised in green tea are effective in obstructing its growth to improve dental health considerably. Also, it is helpful in reducing bad breathing.

Reduce Risk of Type II Diabetes:

A study on green tea conducted on the people of central Asia had shown that this tea also has potential to fight disease like diabetes. It is seen that tea reduces the level of sugar in blood by increasing insulin sensitivity. In a periodic observation, it is found that due to green tea health benefits, the risk of developing type II diabetes shrinks by 42% in a normal person as compared to non-drinkers.

These are some of the possible and amazing health benefits of green tea.