Skincare during colder months

skincare cold weather

With the arrival of cold and low temperatures, the skin begins to suffer more than necessary, especially since the face and hands are one of the areas where the skin is thinner and therefore a part of the body where you will acknowledge these changes the most. It is also important to remember that these are the only parts of your body directly exposed to rain, cold or snow, so you must think very seriously about the care you need in winter if you do not want wrinkles and dehydration to spoil the winter wonderland.

Sensitive skin care in winter

All skin types suffer during this time of year but sensitive skin is especially prone to problems, mainly due to sudden temperature changes. These temperature changes cause redness on sensitive skin and may even lead to more serious conditions such as blotches or rosacea. All skin types can suffer problems of sensitivity so caution is essential in all skin types. You should always have at hand a special moisturizer for sensitive skin, and the application must be repeated periodically whenever you notice the tight or dry skin, which are main symptom that your skin is suffering.

Dry skin care in winter

In many cases the problem of sensitive skin is associated with dry, dehydrated skin, so in case you have dry skin you should also take precautions. You should never neglect hydration. It is recommended that you opt for nourishing creams that are ideal for getting skin back into balance and combating dehydration. Usually, these types of creams are very heavy and leave a kind of second protective layer on the skin, so their use is essential for dry skin in winter.

Combination skin care in winter

People with combination skin should also not neglect hydration and skin care. While there is no need to moisturize the skin with the same frequency as someone with dry or dehydrated skin, you should not forget certain areas of your skin, especially cheeks that usually suffer the most from temperature changes. Since the T-zone is often a bit oiler, a lighter moisturizer on that area is sufficient.

Oily skin care in winter

If you think that having oily skin will prevent your skin from suffering in winter you will be making a big mistake. Even oily skin needs to take care of hydration and protection against low temperatures especially if you have problems with acne. It would be essential to find a special moisturizer for oily skin, which in this case should be oil free and non-comedogenic to ensure that pores will not clog.

General tips for skin care in winter

In addition to previously mentioned, there is a number of considerations that are valid for all skin types and should not be overlooked.

Do not forget the sunscreen. Many people think that the sun’s rays do not affect skin on cloudy and winter days, which is a big mistake. The sun’s rays are still affecting the skin in winter and you need to continue protecting it. A protection between SPF 15 or SPF 20 may be sufficient.

Do not abuse exfoliation in winter. You should never abuse exfoliation regardless of the season, but during winter you have to be especially careful because the skin is very vulnerable. To be on the safe side, skin exfoliation can be professional, when performed at the clinic and involves a chemical peel such as microdermabrasion or latest laser acne treatment. With this procedure the rough thickened skin is replaced with a new, rejuvenated skin, richer in collagen and elastin.

Moreover, it is essential to adequately protect other body parts like hands. Sudden changes in temperature can lead to frostbite, and more types of skin complications can be avoided with simple gloves.

There are not that many recommendations, but they are basic and very important. The care of your skin in winter leads to improved complexion in summer, and above all, prevents premature aging of the skin.