Using Swimming as a Back Pain Remedy


If you experience lower back pain that annoys you or even prevents you from performing your everyday activities, you’re not alone. According to the article published on the website of University of Maryland, Medical Center in 2012, 13 million people in the USA visit their doctor complaining about their lower back pain, every year. Their symptoms are different and the causes of their pain are various. One thing is certain, swimming can help, but it needs to be done properly and with the right guidance.


Using Swimming as a Back Pain Remedy by

Lower back pain can have many causes. Some of them may be related to the spine. These include herniated discs, sprained discs or even spinal fractures. Other causes can be related to muscles. These are different sorts of muscle tensions or even microscopic tears. To start, you need to determine the exact reason for your lower back pain. Your doctor is the only person who should give you this diagnosis. Once you have it, consult your doctor about treating your back pain by swimming and swimming exercises. If they say it is OK, you are ready to start.

People to Talk to

Firstly, you need to visit a doctor who will diagnose your cause of pain. If your doctor sees the need, they will recommend consulting other medical specialist. Depending on the severity of your pain, you may want to see a physical therapist. They will recommend the precise actions and swimming exercises. If your lower back pain is not that severe, you can take your diagnosis and visit a swimming coach. When choosing a swimming coach, make sure that you find somebody who already has experience with people with the same problem like yours.

Using Swimming as a Back Pain Remedy by

Usually, swimming coaches teach people different strokes and swimming techniques. But some of them may not be suitable for you. That is why they need to know about your problem and your diagnosis. This way, they will focus on healing you rather than preparing you for races.

Places to Go

Places to go with your back pain are the spas that have swimming pools. Even hot tubs that will ease the pain for a while. Also, local sports centers and swimming pools are the most probable places for you to find experts to help you learn how to swim. Different resorts have plunge pools. These are relaxing and enjoyable. Moreover, some of those resorts and spas sometime employ medical experts, as well.  You should definitely check for those in your area.

Using Swimming as a Back Pain Remedy by

Things to Expect

Don’t expect that your pain will disappear right away, as soon as you enter the pool. At first, your doctor and your swimming coach will tell you to do exercises in the water. That will gradually strengthen the muscles without hurting the joints or the muscles themselves. Slowly, you will be introduced to the proper technique. Most probably breaststroke, as it requires the least of spine twisting and turning. You can start with two visits to the pool a week and increase that number of visits until you reach five. After two months you can expect the first signs of improvement. Hard work and patience definitely pay off after six months.

To fight off back pain, you need strong muscles. Once they get strong, they support the spine and ligaments better. Also, the pressure on your bones is lowered. However, it is hard to strengthen the muscles without putting too much sprain on already painful back. When the water supports your body, you can work on your muscles.  At the same time, the bones and joints will still get their support without getting hurt. With good professionals by your side, swimming will fight off your pain and improve your life.