Healthy Eating and Healthy Body: What to Eat while Recovering from a Surgery?



The number of people undergoing various surgeries is constantly on the rise and it seems that every person knows someone who has had surgical experience. Of course, this includes all sorts of interventions and procedures – cosmetic, esthetic and selective, as well as life-saving, vital and unavoidable. The post-surgical treatment is essential and sometimes even more important than the surgery itself. During this period, the body recovers, heals and tries to get back to the state prior to the procedure. There are many potential problems with recovery and a number of possible complications can arise accidentaly. This is why healing process has to be done properly and with care, and a big portion of it comes down to patients’ diet. Here are some of the best dietary choices which will not only make you stronger and help you get back into shape, but also assist with your wounds and scars.

General Facts

Your diet should be adapted to specific illness you are being treated from and issues you previously experienced. For example, when it comes to surgeries performed on one’s feet, they are usually caused by deformities and excessive chronic pain, but patients want to get back onto their feet as soon as possible – and recovery can take anything from a few days to six months – so most of them turn to certain foods for faster healing process.

On the other hand, most experts suggest building your immune system before heading into surgery. The stronger you are, the better chances that you have for healing quickly. Furthermore, people with strong immune system endure the very process of going into coma and being cut open much better because they do not get as weak as others do and, additionally, their nutrition reserves help them heal faster and not feel down.

Sensible Choices

Being well-aware of the fact that fast food makes you not only obese, but also much less healthy in every part of the body, it is safe to assume that poor food choices will reflect on your healing process. You really are what you eat and an unhealthy diet makes your body unhealthy as well – and how can you expect to bounce back from such a shock in that kind of condition?

What you need to do is alter your life choices and everyday diet before your surgery, and then stick with it in the post-surgical period. Avoid fat meals, stay away from junk food, control the intake of alcohol, cigarettes and other bad habits that make you weaker, prone to illnesses and unable to fight off bacteria and viruses. If you enter the surgical process in a healthier state, it will definitively be easier to recover.

Food Preferences

foodchoiceNot every patient likes all foods and can eat absolutely everything that experts suggest. However, what you need to start taking are items rich in iron, proteins, glutamine, vitamin C and whole grains as these aid the entire body and get you right back on track.

Providing amino acids that help tissue repair and recover, proteins are probably the most important constituents of a recovery process – this means a lot of fish, eggs and lean chicken meat will assist you regenerate. As far as vitamin C is concerned, it can be found in citrus and tropical fruits, as well as vegetables such as tomatoes, sweet potatoes and broccoli. It helps fighting further diseases and elevating the immune system which always comes in handy, with selective and non-selective procedures equally, claim breast lift experts from Sydney. Whole grains provide you with carbohydrates and glucose which is needed to get you some energy, so concentrate on whole grain bread and pasta, brown rice and oatmeal. Finally, consuming food rich with iron – clams, beef, liver and iron supplements – positively affects your blood, so it is good to stack up on this before the procedure to avoid huge blood loss.

Personal Touch

Of course, your post-surgery diet does not have to be too strict and planned ahead in too many details. It is more important to stick to food that is known to assist in the recovery process and then to add other choices that you personally enjoy. Whether it is various fruits or different recipes for chicken meat is completely up to you.