4 tips to lose a ton of fat with bodybuilding



Bodybuilding is not only effective for building muscle mass. With a specific bodybuilding program, you can also lose fat dramatically. But be clear, it is not by doing isolation exercises, with long periods of rest, that you will burn enough fat and transform your body quickly. To lose fat through bodybuilding, you must forget your conventional workouts, like bodybuilding, to adopt what I call, metabolic weight training.

In addition to developing your musculature, metabolic weight training increases your metabolism up to 48 hours after your workout. After your metabolism training, you will burn fat sitting on your couch, watching your favorite series.

If you do not accompany your TV session, chips and fresh beers, you’ll be on the right track to eliminate your excess fat and redraw your muscles.

I structure my metabolic bodybuilding workouts usually in circuit form, with carefully selected exercises. The exercises should be performed with full intensity and little recovery time. The metabolic bodybuilding offers several advantages; the workouts are short, little material is needed and they are terribly effective at losing fat and redrawing muscles.

In this article I will give you 4 important tips, to make sure your metabolic weight training is effective.

If you apply these tips, your weight training will allow you to build muscle and especially activate a fat burner stove for at least 48 hours.

11- Your training should be composed of self-limiting exercises

Self-limiting exercises are exercises with which fatigue prevents you from finishing your series, without the technique being impacted.

When doing metabolic weight training, fatigue will quickly force you to focus primarily on your effort and much less on your technique.

You must choose exercises that you master, to ensure enough intensity and volume, while avoiding injuries. Depending on your level, the exercises used will be different.

For example, if you are a beginner, choose mainly body weight exercises.

By not using an extra load, you will be more comfortable and avoid injuries due to poor performance. If you have some experience, choose exercises that you know well and practice without having to concentrate on the technique.

It is not recommended to use advanced exercises such as squats or dead lifts with heavy loads. Because with the fatigue and a bad technique, on these exercises the wounds do not forgive. Feel free to reduce the weight moved to ensure a large amount of training, because remember that we are here mainly to burn fat.

With metabolic weight training, you will also be able to build muscle, but that’s not the main goal.