5 Reasons to Try Tai Chi

tai chi

Tai Chi is a traditional Chinese performing art that is performed to attain optimum strength, stability, flexibility and longevity. Being a traditional ancient Chinese art, Tai Chi is performed in different styles such as Chen style, Yang style, Wu style and Wu Yu-hsiang style.

Each style has its own benefits and a unique way to perform. Medically, Tai Chi is practiced to alleviate stress, depression and to achieve inner peace, better mood, improved aerobic capacity, boosted stamina, reduced inflammation, and improved brain health.

For stronger, flexible and amazingly stable muscles along with great body balance, Tai Chi is the best exercise to practice as a routine workout. In body building world, you have seen the majority of builders with giant and well-defined muscles, but with zero flexibility and mobility. It due to the fact that they never focus on flexibility exercises while training their muscles for strength and bulking.

Performing Tai Chi fitness exercises to build strength and flexibility helps you in weight training by improving your mobility. The integration of mind with the body is the true spirit of Tai Chi and is a necessary principle of building stronger and heavier muscles.

1The True Spirit of Tai Chi

Tai Chi starts with intensive slow and easy to perform moves and becomes harder and harder with the flow and that’s the real spirit of Tai Chi. Moving your muscles to their peak range with low intensity in the beginning and with high intensity, in the end, is the what Tai Chi do with us.

Reasons to Try Tai Chi

Here are some benefits of Tai Chi;