Hurting After Your Workout? Three Best Muscle Recovery Products

Muscle Recovery Products

Muscle Recovery Products

You probably have your post-workout stretching routine down; but, for those extra-tough rounds at the gym, sometimes just stretching isn’t enough. There are some excellent muscle recovery products out there, both top-of-the-line and budget-friendly, that are made solely to help repair and relax muscles after your more intense exercise routines. Before you start splurging on a heap of muscle recovery equipment, make sure you’re stretching properly, drinking plenty of water and eating the right foods – these are essential to healthy muscles. If you still need assistance in working those knots outs, then check out the following muscle recovery products.

1Foam Rollers

Foam rollers are some of the most common pieces of equipment for muscle recovery. The concept is pretty simple: a cylindrical tool covered in foam padding that you roll your legs and arms over. The foam padding targets knots and helps relax tight muscles. More advanced foam rollers have grooves or interchangeable pieces that work more deeply into your muscles. Some even come with gel-pad inserts that you can heat or freeze for an intense relaxation. Foam rollers can range anywhere from $5 to over $100 per piece, depending on what features they have and what brand designed them. The more difficult the knots are that you want to work out, the higher the price will be, so make sure you’re purchasing what will cover only your needs.