The Benefits of Using Protein Powder


When walking into any grocery store you are bound to pass an aisle that has an array of different protein powder products. What seems to be an overwhelming amount of colour and names that not only assaults your senses but also confuses you, is in actual fact something that a lot of bodybuilders use every single day. These protein powders aren’t only for the big guys at the gym though, but also for those who want to bulk up and/or lose weight as well.

But what are the benefits of drinking a protein shake every day?

protein shake

  1. If you want to flex those muscles

Protein and muscle growth go hand-in-hand and many people supplement with a protein shake because they either don’t have the time to prep a protein-laden meal or they need extra protein to help fuel their muscles before or after a strenuous workout.

Weight lifting and strength training accompanied with a good protein powder like International Protein – Superior Whey is a sure-fire way to bulk up and trim down. By making use of a product without the extra sugar and other nonsense you will be ensuring that you will be gaining muscle and losing fat.

  1. A little more nutrition

We all know we don’t always ingest enough nutritious food, and nutritious food is what the body needs to function optimally. A lot of people struggle to meet their daily needs when it comes to certain vitamins and nutrients, and protein is one of them. A protein shake a day can drastically increase the amount the body needs.

  1. A recovery boost

Protein aids in repairing muscles and muscle tissue after a tough workout. It can cut recovery time and make sure you out there bending the iron again in no time. Just make sure to schedule a rest day every so often. Protein, unfortunately, will not aid you when you’ve completely burned yourself out.

  1. Weight a minute

Yes, consuming a good source of protein can help you lose weight in the long run. Protein is known for keeping you fuller for longer which means less snacking and grazing throughout the day. By making sure every meal has a good source of protein you are taking care of your future self. So even if you aren’t wanting to bulk up, a good protein shake every day can help you trim down and take back your health if you are overweight.

  1. It’s quick and easy

Many people work long hours so they either hit the gym before work, during lunch or after work. This makes meal prepping a little difficult and can leave you heading to the closest store to buy something to eat, and most often than not that something tends to be unhealthy. This is not the case when you have a good shaker bottle and protein powder on hand. You can quickly make yourself a protein shake before heading to the gym, be it the morning, at work or after. This way you are making sure you are getting the protein you need to kill it at the gym.

It’s easy to make excuses but when you have something so easy on hand you are guaranteed success in the long run.

Did you ever used protein powder? Can you share your experience in the comments box below?