Reasons for not Having the Best Weight Loss Results at a Gym


Weight is a crabby issue to live with and deal with. At first, we ignore it, then fret over it and in the end, decide to do something. This doing something almost always involves regulating of the diet followed by starting some light exercises. We often start workouts at home hoping to shed those extra pounds quickly. Soon, the realization dawns on us and we decide to join a gym.

For first few weeks, everything goes smoothly at the gym and the body seems benefitting. As we pass more time there, we start realizing less benefits than we might have anticipated. Yes, most of us fail to make the best of our gym membership when it comes to losing the weight. Why so? There are a number of factors that stop us from getting the best weight loss results at the gym.

They include –

  • We often fail to do as intense cardio exercise as it should which stops benefits from reaching the body.
  • Most of us don’t take workouts seriously or try to do things in much of a relaxed or leisure manner which hampers the productivity of the results.
  • We fail to understand that the more intensity we show to the workouts the better and quicker results will come our way.
  • In between workouts, we waste way too much time than it should, and doing this takes away those benefits that could have made a whole lot of difference to the body weight.
  • Not having regular cardio workouts in our daily regimen is a major reason of our not losing the weight as fast as we’d have thought at the start of joining the gym.
  • We dilute the gravity of results by continuing to eat high-calorie snacks which is a big no to those fight to shed those tacky pounds.
  • We often make the mistake of eating a diet that has more calorie content than we often lose through our routine exercises.
  • It’s a mistake from our side not to stick with low-calorie snacks as it makes the results go against the expectations.
  • While during strength training, we often make the mistake of lifting too light weights than we should have which fails to strain the muscle beyond a point leaving us with a bare minimum gain in the process
  • It’s a mistake not to make the muscles feel pangs of fatigues which means the body hasn’t been exerted fully or it did not cross the threshold of endurance.
  • We often join a gym where no help or guidance is available from fitness experts and in this case, we often go on with incorrect workouts hoping them to fetch the right results.
  • Not getting favourable weight loss results is also caused by our inability to change the routine or our inclination to stick with the same set of exercises day-in and day-out.
  • Nobody tells us that doing the same exercises over and again neither help beyond a point nor help burn as much calorie as we normally expect them to.
  • We also fail to realize the virtues of doing exercise in different environments or settings, which minimizes the benefits of our results.
  • Our weight loss endeavour at a gym is often marred by a lack of proper knowledge and compounded by the absence of fitness experts there.

Clearly, a lot of things go wrong which stop us from having the kind of weight loss results we’d expected at the start. That’s why, it makes a great sense to first search the best of gyms in Maidstone and then join the one that has right set of tools and equipment.