Looking to Lose Weight? See Pound of Fat VS Calories

Pound of Fat

In one pound of fat, there are 3,500 calories. Mean, if you want to lose a pound, you must cut off 3,500 calories. It could be done by reducing your calorie intake and/or increasing your exercises. However, before doing this, note that doctors recommend that you lose no more than 2 pounds of weight per week to ensure that your body appropriately adjusts to the weight loss.

So, to lose a pound of fat in a safe way, here are some tips that will help you


Depending on your body type, speed, and gradient, if you run for about one hour at a slow pace, you will lose approximately 350 calories. This means you can lose a pound if you run for one hour, five days a week. Therefore, you should maintain a consistent diet plan to make sure you will safely lose this pound.

Keep an eye on pasta and high carbohydrate foods. Many people think that, because they started running and working out so hard, they can eat pasta and other high carbohydrate foods to compensate for the exertion. They could think pasta will help them to keep their energy levels high in their diet. Don’t get caught in this foolish habit.

Inexperienced people may not realize that while they are justified in thinking that the carbohydrates will infuse their workout routine with energy, they are not setting their bodies up for quick weight loss. For example, if your body burns 350 calories but intake 450 calories over a high-carbohydrate pasta meal, you are adding more calories to your body than you otherwise would have in your weight loss diet.

Running helps to boost your metabolism and change your muscle tone so that you burn calories more efficiently. So, avoid ingesting a pasta dish after a run. Instead, select an alternative way to have more salads and healthy proteins in your meals.


Do you know while eating in restaurants you are tempting yourself to eat a more substantial portion than you might normally eat? On top of that, when dining in at a restaurant, you are subjecting your body to an array of high fat, high-calorie foods. Therefore, what could be a simple 500 calories meal can quickly turn into a 1500-calorie fat food indulgence. Remember, one pound of fat = 3,500 calories.

For a safety, healthy and efficient weight loss diet, you must be aware of what you are putting into your body and especially at the beginning of your new routine. If you desire to get an appropriate weight loss regime, you need to prepare your meals and monitor your level of hunger.

Generally, when eating outside, you are in a social environment where food may not be a priority. However, spending time with friends and families is, so it may tend people to eat more than they usually do. Even a no- dessert eater could be tented to go for the extra round and, as a result, increase the calories level.

But we understand that you may eat outside one day another. So, if you must eat out, help yourself avoid temptation by selecting salads rather than a plate of calorie-rich pasta or burger. We promise that you will be amazed at the difference in the number of calories you’re in-taking when you make simple choices, such as meal options.

Conclusion on How to Lose a Pound of Fat

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, if you want to lose weight, you must cut off calories. And you can do this by reducing your overall calorie intake and increasing your level of physical activity. As a reminder, to lose a pound of fat, you should cut-off 3,500.

For good results, stay focused, motivated, and on target. You’ll experience your safe weight loss in no time!