The best yoga poses for beginners

yoga poses

Yoga poses

The benefits of yoga are immense; fitness gurus and wellness professions swear by yoga. For both strength and health purposes, to your mental health – yoga has absolutely amazing benefits.

However, we can’t all make our way to classes or jump into the extreme yoga poses. There needs to be a starting ground.

The yoga that you see on magazines or Instagram isn’t an accurate reality. As people associate yoga with challenging poses, and skinny bodies, many give up before they even begin. The most important thing that you need to know about yoga is that it revolves around your breathing, and not how well you can do a fancy pose.

Below are the best yoga poses for beginners. You should aim to do them two or three times a week.

1The forward fold

This is precisely how it sounds – you forward fold over your legs. Lengthen your spine towards the ground and allow your energy to exhume through your feet and hands.

Press your shoulder blades into the chest and focus on pulling your collarbones towards the floor.

Always be very mindful when practising yoga poses. Relax the neck, and never strain yourself.