Dehydration And Weight Loss


Serious bodybuilders understand the importance of drinking water to keep the dehydration of their body. You will rarely see someone in a gym that is in good shape who will not have a bottle of water with them. You will also notice they will be drinking fresh water. A body that is working out needs sweat to cool the body temperature. If you have not given yourself enough water, your body may not be able to produce the sweat needed and you will become overheated just like a person with heat-stroke. Drink plenty of water. Not juice, tea, power drinks, water. Water is needed in its natural state to play its natural part in keeping the body functioning. This is the magic of weight loss. Given the right fuel, your body will respond.

Why is drinking water over other drinks important

Water moves oxygen to the parts of the body. It refreshes the skin and keeps it healthy. Water lubricates the joints, It cushions the brain as well as the spinal system. When you drink other drinks the extra additives must be removed and processed. You are putting sugar and caffeine into the body. Those chemicals will be processed just like food which slows down your weight loss.

The body is 75% water. Not getting enough water will actually slow down all parts of the body. This includes the brain. Dehydration can cause confusion to set in. The signs of the mental effects of dehydration mimic early signs of dementia. Slowing down your metabolism will force your body to hold on to every ounce of fat it has to protect itself.


Water is the transport of all nutrients, hormones, and other elements of the body to the proper organs so they can do their jobs. A doctor can take a test and get a reading that your hormone level is off, but without taking your hydration level into consideration, he may not treat the hormone issue.

Here is an example. Let’s say your automobile is your body. Your automobile requires gasoline to drive. You know that with proper maintenance, your car can easily go 65 miles in an hour. That is with a take with enough gasoline and enough chemicals in the rest of the car. But when you put fuel in the car, you only put in one gallon of gasoline. You get in the car, start it, and drive away. But very soon the car sputters and dies. So again, you put one gallon of gas in the car and it cranks and you drive away at 65 miles per hour. Then the car dies. Depending on the age of the car, there are several ways this can be bad for your car. To narrow it down, it strains the engine and could cost you money.

It is the same thing with your body. When you allow yourself to dehydrate enough times, it is going to hurt you. Heatstroke, headaches, sleeplessness, and fatigue are all part of the puzzle. And, the beauty you are reaching for? You may be slim, with dry skin, lifeless hair, chapped lips, and thin nails. You cannot fake health. You are either healthy or you are not.

Foods that help you rehydrate

You do not have to wait until you are dehydrated to take care of the situation. Make it a habit to drink two cups of water for every cup of anything else you drink. If you have a cup of coffee in the morning, drink two cups of water before you drink anything else. This will fill you up, help you lose weight, and give you less desire for your sugary soda.

Water-based foods that taste good and hydrate

  • Watermelon
    • All members of the melon family are safe
  • Cucumber
    • Cucumber is 95% water and tastes good with summer salads. It is also loaded with nutrition and does wonders for the skin
  • Celery
    • Another great 95% water food. is low in calories, you can enjoy it with almost any topping.
  • Lettuce
    • This is the dieters best friend. Very high in water content and you can eat it with everything.

For more water loaded foods, click here.

Hydration after Lapband Surgery

Most obese people believe their eating and drinking problems will all disappear as soon as we are off the operating table. While it will be a life-changing experience, you will have to make the changes yourself.. When you have had the surgery, your stomach will be smaller. That means you have very little space to store food. Work with those ahead of you and get the idea that it is minor food and water that will sustain you and keep your health.

Your insides are healing at a different rate than your outside. Water will allow you to take advantage of the body human, which was made to heal itself.

There is no diet that will not do better without the inclusion of water. There is no person who will not feel better, than one who drinks water. Challenge yourself to drink 1 gallon of water over a 24-hour period.