Effective Weight Loss: Tips And Advice That Science Found for Weight Loss


There are very different views on how to achieve effective weight loss quickly; newspapers, health magazines and all health gurus say one day that it’s the total intake of calories essential for a successful weight loss plan and on the second day, claiming that “all calories are not cast in the same mold, there are good and bad calories.” The same can be said for training for weight loss. One week walking is best for weight loss, while the next week is not worth the effort but it’s just hard interval training required.
There are almost as much as pills, powders, exercise, coffee, green tea, LCHF, Atkins, GI, diets, and other methods of fat loss as there is research that demolishes each method. Weight loss and fitness results are namely very complicated research field, and measuring instruments are not completely reliable yet.
However, there are some tips for effective weight loss as the research is (more or less) agrees works:
•    Cutting down on calories. There is no doubt that there are good and bad calories, and the breakdown of carbs / fat / protein appears to play a role. But in the end it is still important that the body consumes more calories than what you put in it to make you lose weight. Cut down, get down!
•    Protein foods suppress hunger feelings. Drink, for example, a protein drink (whey protein type) with crushed berries (the berries are incredibly useful, there is good agreement) a day for breakfast and it will keep you until lunch.
•    Eat some form of protein at each meal, preferably animal proteins. The meals with salad and steak are excellent example of weight loss diets aimed for proper nutrition and high thermogenic properties of the food.
•    Eat fish. In particular, fatty fish such as salmon, herring and mackerel. The fatty fish contains lots of omega-3 fats that are needed for your body.
•    Move it. When your lungs and muscles have to work, it burns more calories while your body’s fat-burning processes fine-tuned. But you need not do anything advanced, or even highly effective to see results in terms of your weight loss. All forms of physical exercise burns calories.
•    Use your common sense. Think naturally. Consider walk and natural ingredients and you will go down whether you like it or not.