The Instagram weight loss trends that don’t really work

Weight loss trends

Weight loss trends

Are you following Instagram weight loss trends? We’ll be the first to admit that Instagram is home to some of our favorite clean-eating and weight loss hacks. One scroll through your feed can persuade you to buy products which you never even knew you needed. However, sometimes behind the aesthetically pleasing pictures and inspirational captions are just scams.

We won’t patronize you and assume you think everything on Instagram is real. With photoshop, face tune and influencer marketing, it’s difficult, to tell the truth from fiction. So, we’ll do it for you – here are the weight loss trends that don’t live up to their appeal.

Green Juice

We’ve all seen it – the girl with the killer abs holding a green juice. Should you start investing in the overpriced juices? We’d say, don’t waste your money or time on them.
Of course, you should aim to eat all the same vegetables and fruits in a day, perhaps make your own smoothies or soups. Just don’t spend your hard-earned money on a green juice which you could make for a fraction of the cost at home.

In fact, during the juicing process, you lose some of the beneficial fiber in the produce.


Well, these are pretty much promoted by every influencer and celebrity on the planet. Even the Kardashians “swear” by these products.

Skinny Teas claim to give you incredible weight-loss results. You should stay very clear of these, though. These diet teas very often include a herb called senna, which is used as an over-the-counter laxative and can be unsafe when used over a prolonged period.

Why not opt for herbal or green tea instead? Research actually suggests that eating a healthy diet alongside drinking green tea can aid in weight loss. With no nasty side effects.

Acai Bowls

These are basically the Instagram baddie of foods. The acai bowls are made of the superfood berry, acai berry, which is absolutely great for you. It’s packed with antioxidants, and we recommend that you incorporate it into your diet.

However, acai berry is extremely sour in taste, and if you’ve ever had an acai bowl – they’re quite the opposite. That’s because the berry is covered in and blended with sugary additives, sweetener, and granola.

What we’re trying to say is, acai bowls are usually calorie rich and extremely sugary. Not quite the weight-loss dish we were hoping for.

Appetite-suppressant lollipops

This one caused quite the stir on social media, with celebrities like the Kardashians promoting them.

Let’s just make one thing clear – a lollipop will not make you skinny, and an appetite is a natural and healthy thing to have.

Go ahead and listen to your body, eat intuitively and be happy. Weight loss does not have to be forced by an unhealthy product.

To conclude, make sure that you don’t believe everything you see on social media. Very few people share the grisly hard work behind their weight loss or the secrets to their healthy lifestyles.

Make sure you know exactly what you’re putting in your body, and don’t fall for unhealthy weight-loss fads or diets. There are tonnes of healthy ways to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.