Golden milk and its benefits

Golden milk

The world of herb and spices offers many benefits to our body when we include them in our diet.  From burning fat to getting help in fighting diseases, either using them alone or combined, we can get many benefits from this gifts of nature.

Adding to the offer of drinks, nowadays we find an ancient Indian Ayurvedic drink that has gained popularity in Western culture due to the many benefits it offers to the body: Golden milk.

This bright, yellow colored drink, also known as Turmeric milk, uses as main ingredients a mix of turmeric and milk (commonly prepared with cow milk but can also be prepared with plant-based milks). Adding ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, cayenne pepper, cardamom and even honey are variations to the original recipe, and this mix allows you to add a special flavor depending on the ingredients and benefits you want your drink to have.

And whether you prepare golden milk at home from scratch, or you buy it from a store, including a cup of this yellow elixir into your diet can bring many benefits to your body, including:

  1. Golden milk: Preventing cell damage

Preventing cell damage

Curcumin, the active component of turmeric, is charged with antioxidants, compounds that fight cell damage, protecting our body from oxidative stress. In addition, antioxidants are essential for cell functioning, and a diet rich in them can help in lowering our risk of infection and diseases.

  1. Golden milk: Improving digestion

Golden milk Improving digestion

Golden milk can help in promoting a good digestion, reducing inflammation, bloating, gas, and even heartburn. If you add ginger to your preparation, the effect is even better.

  1. Promoting good sleep

Promoting good sleep

Including golden milk in your bedtime ritual helps relaxing, finding a moment for yourself while you sip on it and thus, improves your mood and sets a relaxed mood on your body that induces a good night sleep.

  1. Adding glow to the skin

Golden milk Adding glow to the skin

Curcumin is often used as an ingredient for skin care products as it helps in enhancing skin protection. Drinking it as part of the golden milk ritual, helps making skin glow and keeping harmful bacteria at bay.

Additional benefits of drinking golden milk on a regular basis may include promoting the production of Vitamin D that contributes to having stronger bones, reducing blood sugar levels, improving your mood and even protecting you against heart disease. While these benefits are still pending to be confirmed by clinical studies, it doesn’t hurt to include golden milk in your daily diet and benefit from the multiple properties’ turmeric has.