Health Benefits of Rebounding


Rebounding is an exercise many people love doing worldwide. It’s basically jumping on a mini trampoline to gain a variety of health benefits. Simple and fun to do, it can either be included in your daily exercise regimen or done on a standalone basis. In either way, it will benefit a lot and deliver more health benefits that you can anticipate.

There are two ways in which one can rebound:

  • Gentle bounces: In this type of rebounding, the feet are firmly stuck on the trampoline in a manner to never leave it.
  • Complete Jumps: In this type, your feet are not fixed and the body rise above from the surface.

It’s important to know why people across the globe do redound or what makes them all take a form of exercise which never looks like as much beneficial as it actually is.

You should know that people rebound for:

  • Rebounding is more beneficial than either running or jogging.
  • It easily exceeds health benefits derived from treadmill running.
  • And the best part, it’s quite simple to do and it mixes fun with exercises.
  • It’s a proven exercise with health benefits stretching to different parts of the body and systems.
  • Its benefits have been studied by many researchers and studies and among them, the one from NASA not only stood out but gave a tremendous popularity to rebounding.

Why rebounding is so much effective

Rebounding is a unique exercise in many ways and its growing popularity is some sort of a testimony to the kind of impact and effectiveness it delivers. You should know that all the effectiveness of this exercise are the result of its using the forces of acceleration and deceleration.

More so, every cell in the body is impacted in one way or another when rebounding exercises are done. With rebounding, your body has to accelerate, pause and then decelerate to repeat the cycle of a bounce.

It means, rebounding is a gravity-based exercise which makes your body use an increased G-force, which is the major reason of its being so much effective. As this way, it makes sure that every cell in the body respond to the up and down sequence of the exercise.

Health benefits of rebounding 

There are a number of health benefits that rebounding helps deliver, including:

  • Your musculoskeletal systems are strengthened as the body gets more gravitational load than other form of exercises.
  • Lymphatic circulation is boosted which helps keep toxins out of the body. And when the toxins are out of the body, the immune capacity improves and body’s resistance to diseases and illness is boosted.
  • More oxygen reaches to the tissues and respiration capacity is increased, both of which lead to better functioning of the heart.
  • More calories are burned for per hour of rebounding which helps one lose weight and fight with obesity-related problems.
  • The heart muscles are strengthened which help them in their performance and efficiency.
  • You will get relief from all types of pain arising due to lack of exercise, be it neck, back or headache.
  • Your body alignment and posture are improved which brings down pain in different part of the body.
  • Your digestion and elimination processes are improved a great deal and you also get relaxation and superior sleep.
  • Your mental performance improves and you learn and retain things in a better way than earlier.
  • Your pangs of fatigue, which troubles you almost regularly, will go away and your body will become more flexible and supple than it ever was.
  • The frequency of your troubles with colds and allergies will be brought down considerably.
  • Your digestion system is improved and your digestive disturbances are minimized to a great extent.
  • Your skeletal system benefits a lot and your bone mass is increased.
  • The vestibule in the middle air is stimulated which helps one gain an improved balance.
  • Your level of energy is increased as more oxygen is circulated throughout the body.
  • All the muscles in the body are impacted in a positive way or muscle tone is improved in the entire body.
  • Your joints are saved from the fatigue and impact caused due to hard surfaces and exercising on them.
  • The best part, it’s simple and fun to do, and anyone can it to feel happy. 


In a nutshell, rebounding is an extremely beneficial exercise you should do on a regular basis. Given the kind of health benefits and impact it has to the body, you should give it a try and lead a disease free life.

About Author:

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