How to Keep the Weight Off for Good

maintain not gain

People who have decent body weight avail more energy, more confidence and carry out daily life activities better. Yes, everyone knows this. But are you aware of some additional facts? By losing weight, you can prevent yourself from strokes, osteoarthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and even cancer. Therefore, it is essential to maintain better body health.

Obviously, people do not find many problems in burning belly fat and losing weight. But, when it comes to maintenance, they do face some problems. If one needs to maintain the better body weight for longer periods, he/she must learn some tips and techniques. No problem, if you are a beginner. Here are the tactics that allow maintenance of better body weight for several years.

  1. Develop Good Eating Habits – For maintaining body weight, it is essential to have a good diet plan. And the good diet plan involves eating the right food at the right time. As a fitness enthusiastic, you should develop these eating habits:
  • Eat nutritious and healthy foods such as green vegetables, fruits, eggs and fishes.
  • Eat all three regular meals i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Avoid eating high-calorie foods such as packaged chips, cheese and burgers
  • Avoid eating food after 8 pm.
  1. Make Exercise a Part of Your Life

Many people stop exercising after availing health benefits. After losing unnecessary weight, they do not perform any types of workouts. They live in an illusion that now they cannot become fatty and obese. I have seen several people acquiring a large amount of weight after skipping the regular health programmes. If you want to maintain fitness for longer periods, you need to perform exercises on regular basis. Select any – low-intensity exercises or high-intensity exercises and perform them consistently. By making a habit of exercising routinely, you can easily keep yourself fit and healthy.

  1. Experiment with Different Foods

Like exercises, you need to have variety in your diet plan. You should not eat the same diet food every day. Try some blueberries, broccoli, almonds, avocados in between your regular meals. If you crave sugar eat dark chocolate sparingly. Also, make a habit of eating carbs, wholemeal bread and oats. Moreover, you can consume fruit shakes, low-fat yoghurt and crudites. By eating different types of food, you would not only enjoy the better taste but also maintain body weight.

  1. Develop a Realistic Workout Schedule

Every fitness programme contains a particular workout schedule. It is the workout schedule that makes people maintain lose calories and maintain fitness. According to your preference, you can make your workout schedule. But, that schedule must contain right exercises and right diet foods. It must contain a proper diet plan. Last, it should contain goals that you want to achieve from exercises. After making the schedule, you need to be very strict and disciplined towards it.


If you have an aim of maintaining fitness, you need to learn several tips and techniques. You should consume healthy, nutritious foods and avoid high-calorie foods. Once you lost your belly fat, you do not stop exercising instead keep on working out day and night. Eat different foods and try some variety in your diet plan. Perform right exercises, eat the right food and be strict towards your workout schedule.


Author Bio: Andrew is the founder and CEO at Aim Workout. As a passionate fitness professional and tri-athlete, there is literally no adventure he won’t embark on. From mountain biking, deep sea diving, rock climbing and cycling to boxing and mixed martial arts, Andrew has a penchant for the wild and extreme.