Are diet pills safe?

diet pills

Diet pills

They’ve been advertised as a quick fix to losing weight, with many jumping to use them for a fast way to achieve their ideal bikini body, for instance. So, what’s the deal with diet pills? Are they safe to use, or should we avoid them altogether?

How on earth do diet pills work?

It seems a bit strange, doesn’t it? That you can take a pill and you can lose weight? So, how do diet pills work?

They can work in various different ways, depending on the pill. Some of them release amphetamines and other types of stimulants. While others increase the metabolism in a body, enabling energy and fat to be burned faster.

Others, like Orlistat, will prevent fat absorption. Obviously, it goes without saying that these pills are preventing natural occurrences in your body and enabling unnatural changes. So, now we must ask, how safe they are really.

Are diet pills safe?

Some can be prescribed by doctors, and so, if deemed safe and taken correctly, under doctors’ orders you are in safe hands. That doesn’t make them harmless, though.

Side effects of these prescribed diet pills, like Orlistat, can include anxiety, fatigue, headaches, and the flu. It also causes an uncomfortable degree of tummy problems. If they are worth taking is hugely debatable.

It’s also important to point out that previous treatments, like Rimonabant and Sibutramine, were withdrawn because of their dangerous side effects. It’s crucial to be aware of this before you jump to trying out the diet pills.

Perhaps before going to the doctor, you can try to incorporate healthy superfoods into your diet.

What about over the counter diet pills?

So, what about natural diet pills, you know, the type that you can buy from various other shops?

You can find these types of pills in many fitness and whole food shops. They often contain natural ingredients, that aid in losing weight or promote a faster metabolism.

For example, Acai with Green Tea pills apparently aids in weight loss, by helping to increase fat oxidation. These types of medicines are usually a questionable mixture of minerals and vitamins that are designed to be used next to a diet and exercise plan.

However, these weight loss supplements, despite their attractive packaging and bold claims are still not safe. They can cause diarrhoea, increased heart rate, liver damage, and kidney problems. Many of the supplements you on shelves today, will be recalled in the future.

With this in mind, we say ignore diet pills and the claims they also make. Stick to a healthy diet, and exercise regularly. You cannot force the way your body decides to lose weight.

How to lose weight without supplements?

We promise you don’t need to take supplements to lose weight. You can make simple changes to your diet, and drink water regularly. Exercise as often as you can, and stay away from snacking and calorie-rich food.

Bodybuilding has been proven a sure-fire way to lose fat, as well as increase muscle and make you more toned. The key is to find the exercise, food, and hobby that you love – and you’ll see the weight fall off you.

Our top tip to you: stay away from the diet pills, and healthily lose weight.

Question. Did you ever use diet pills to lose weight? What was the result?