More Tips to Achieve Fast Weight Loss


Here are some quick read tips to help you lose the fat faster than ever before.
•    Drink tea. Research suggests that those who drink (green, white or black does not matter) tea have a faster BMI and lower body fat.
•    Eat cayenne and other strong spices. This seems to raise metabolism, or at least cause you to become faster. Also, drink more water when you eat spicy food often.
•    Water is a key component when it comes to your weight loss plan. A survey in the USA showed that participants who drank two glasses of water before each meal had gone down more after 12 weeks than those who did not.
•    Many studies suggest that adding fish oil (in the form of supplements) to the diet easier getting rid of body fat.
•    Almost have some beans always in your salad. This means that you’re getting more filling fiber and protein.
•    Always use some sort of goal. The key is that you use milestones and that your ultimate weight loss goals are realistic.
•    Weigh yourself regularly. Most people perform better if they keep track of (and write down) their progress. But do not keep staring at yourself.
•    Eat more fruit. How many do you know who complain that they gained weight because they “ate too much bananas and pears lately”?
•    Eat much more vegetables. When you lose, the vegetables are most important than ever.
•    If you really interested in heavy training during your weight loss regime, be sure to choose exercises that work for the whole body (as opposed to machines or bicep curl), as deadlifts, squats, pushups, pull ups, etc. This way you can burn the maximum amount of fat. Pay attention to your appetite that will be stimulated by the hard training and that you do not overestimate how many calories your workout burns. The brain has a tendency to send a little disproportionately strong signal which can easily be interpreted as more or less is in starvation mode.
•    All the drinks you consume during your weight loss cycle should be calorie free.
•    Sleep a lot. The more you sleep the easier it is to get rid of excess weight. Lack of sleep stimulates hunger and additionally impairs our judgment when it comes to our food choices.
•    You can choose between the stairs or elevator (if you do not have problems with your knees) then you should always choose the stairs.
•    Do not go to the store when your stomach is empty. It will increase the likelihood that you make bad choices among foods you will choose.
•    Laugh often. One study found funny enough that those who laughed heartily 10-15 minutes a day burned about 10-40 more calories per day.
•    You do not eat just because there is food left on the plate.
•    Skip the desserts as long as you are in your weight lose mode. It is okay to reintroduce desserts every now and then when you only need to maintain weight.
•    Take before and after photos. It’s both motivating and very satisfying to be able to see clear differences in the physique.