Diet and Exercise Effectively Help In Weight Loss


2Eat More Consistently

That’s right, actually lose weight by eating more often. I don’t mean to consume more calories, but just to provide your body with a more consistent stream of fuel. Eat 6 to 8 smaller sized meals and healthy snacks evenly need spaced throughout the day as opposed to the traditional three large meals a day if your schedule allows it. By keeping your body’s metabolism more consistent your body will burn off fat much more efficiently and your blood sugar and energy levels will be much better off. By spreading the calories more evenly throughout the day excess calories will be much less likely to be stored by the body as fat. And also try to avoid eating late into the night, your body won’t have the chance to work off the calories.

Another great tip for losing weight is to eat before you get ravenously hungry or the tendency will be to over eat. And keep in mind that your belly sends a signal to your brain when it’s satisfied and its had enough to eat, but that the signal is delayed. In other words the food that you eat isn’t immediately the digested by your body, it takes a few minutes for that satisfied feeling to reach your brain. So push yourself away from the table before you get stuffed, you can always go back for more later on.

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