I don’t know why I can’t lose weight.

why I can't lose weight

This is a statement made by more Americans today than ever before. The truth is that most people are capable of successful weight loss, but they must be aware that there are some factors that make it more difficult. Sometimes, there are very legitimate reasons why you feel like you can’t lose weight.

When someone says, “I can’t lose weight.” It is important to recognize that their feelings are usually valid. They probably have already tried numerous times, using multiple methods and a variety of diets. Their failure to successfully lose body weight and get in better shape may not be their fault directly.

When those extra pounds won’t come off, then it maybe time to look at what unconsidered factors are at work. It is a fact that obesity can stem from a number of causes.

Some people think, ” I can’t lose weight because of genetic factors.”

If there is a family history of obesity, it may be much harder to lose weight. Be advised that jumping to conclusions and blaming genetics for obesity rarely is valid. Still your genetic makeup can be a slow process to overcome. So if your parents and family members tend to be overweight, it can influence what your needs are for successful losing of body weight.

Some people think, ” I can’t lose weight due to health issues.”

There can be clear health related issues that can hinder your ability to successfully lose weight. Any weight loss regiment should always be accompanied by consulting your regular physician, for both advice and input. It is never advisable to do otherwise, for your own safety. Be sure to make sure that you are healthy enough to attempt any weight loss regiment.

A number of conditions exist that cause imbalanced states hormonally and physiologically for individuals. These might include Cushing’s syndrome, polycystic ovarian syndrome, hypothyroidism or having an underactive thyroid. Any such conditions require careful attention to the needs of the individual, so that dieting or weight loss does not make their condition worse.

Some people think, ” I can’t lose weight and I don’t know why.”

Just as health can affect your ability to lose weight, so can psychological factors in your daily life. Your personal physician can generally help you analyze the important factors that can mentally hinder successful weight loss. It is wise to look carefully at any type medications that you are taking and be sure how they may interact with changes in body weight.

All factors of tension and stress in your personal and work life may come into play. Things to consider are your ability to handle daily stress, patterns of behavior, your reactions to anxiety, changes in your regular sleep schedule, and if you have ever suffered from depression. Do not neglect to include factors such as drug and alcohol use, or excessive eating in your daily diet. These things will greatly influence your ability to exercise, change your dietary intake, and deal with the changes weight loss causes the body.

As an individual, you must be prepared to keep your weight loss goals realistic and attainable. It is better to successful lose a few pounds gradually and keep them off permanently, rather than quick lose weigh. Rapid fire reduction of body mass can be dangerous to your health, or even wreck it and make your goals unattainable.

It is very common to feel stress and anxiety. Sometimes to the point that it will make you want to eat, but this is easily overcome. Eating more is only going to lead to a regular pattern of eating more, and weight gain is the inevitable outcome from such consistent behavior. Behavior modification is part of the practical, healthy, and overall successful road to losing weight. Permanent change takes attention to the whole person, you are an individual with special needs. So treat yourself like a human being and you will be able to meet your goals.

Once you understand that you are not alone, the statement I don’t know why I can’t lose weight is less debilitating. By taking things slowly and by knowing what you need, you will find you can loose weight successfully.